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We have some leaves wilting. We need to make things fresh and green again. We can water this event with your help!

Money is energy.

Bloom on Franklin is an event that is free to the public and managed by artists in the community. As an event that activates small businesses and outdoor spaces in unconventional ways - we rely on donations from the community and sponsors to make the event possible.

We pay the musicians, Dj's, Spoken word artists, and put in a lot of energy to promote artwork for sales and many many hours of planning each month. There are also photos, video recaps, and so many other things that go into Bloom. Countless hours of work.

The visual artwork and performance artists need a bit more energy - so let's put some in their bank, and help the organizers grow this event, and make it better each month.

Artists this month:

Katara (Jazz Ensemble)
Growhouse (Spoken Word)
Wally Rios (DJ and Producer)
Dj Yobi (Ethos Downtempo DJ)
Treasure Island Drum Circle

Performance Production (Rialto Theatre):

Emily Tan (Performance Artist and Painter)
Adriana Corso (Arial, fire, and performance artist)
Lauren Jean (Arial Artist, fire artist)
Cam Parker (Visual Artist and Performing Artist)

Miscellaneous Expenses:

Audio Visual for Mergeculture Gallery
Live Painters and Curators
Event Decorations and Signage

This event has been supported by a few people in the community, funding it themselves and that is not a sustainable model, but we are on track to change that - because it is time for something like this event in Tampa - and we can get there with your help.

We do now have sponsorship and marketing packages available for the event. If you would like to become a marketing partner, please download the PDF Deck here and contact us.

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