Become a Bloom affiliate.

Earn 10% on any sponsorship lead that you send our way. Fill out the form below with the information of your lead and make sure you put your name in the "sales person" field. When we contact your lead and close a marketing asset, we'll pay you for referring us.

Become a marketing partner.

We have so many opportunities to partner with brands, large and small. Stage activations, installations, and features like projector mapping and talks. Suppose your brand wants to build with us. In that case, we can deliver marketing packages that include: media recaps, in-person interactions, on-site experiences, and physical assets such as banners, coasters, and more.

What makes Bloom so powerful?

Takes place on the first paved street of the downtown Tampa area. Historical significance is important because historical assets create a positive shared identity.
125% attendnece growth each month
77,000 instagram impressions
Audience Loyalty
Operated by creative minds
Bloom on Franklin is based on good energy, and the principle of community building, inspiration, and providing rich, memorable experiences. Any brand associated with these experiences is sure to be remembered.
New, fresh, and innovative.
Paired with other innovative events throughout Hillsborough County, cross-promotion and brand recognition is strong.

Tell us about your brand or company - let's build something great together.

It doesn't matter your budget. We can work with $200 or $50,000 because our production scales nicely. This event is ran by CLRTY, an experiential marketing agency. The event is in partnership with Symphonic Distribution, The Tampa Downtown Partnership, and other stakeholders such as the Tampa Heights Civic Association, and Downtown River Arts Neighborhood Association. Our full team specializes in media and asset delivery, and we can create any experience that matches your budget. Are you ready to become a partner with the fasted growing monthly art and music festival? We are excited to work with you, so please get in touch.